To provide comprehensive Command Security Program Subject Matter Expert (SME) guidance to our Customers, both on the MARCENT HQ Staff, Command Elements and Marine Corps Units assigned to the Central Command Area of Operations. 

MARCENT security focus is on the following Programs: 

§          Personnel Security Program

§          Information Security Program

§          Industrial Security Program

§          Physical Security in the protection of CMI.

Check in Procedures

Marines checking in to MARCENT need to report to the security desk located in building 535 for the following:

§          Verification of Security clearance

§          Security record update

§          Security badge issue

Also all Marines checking in will be required to complete Security Briefs prior to being granted access to MARCENT Facilities: 

For access to the training videos

Security Desk: 813-827-7009; DSN 651-7009

For access to MARCENT secure facilities, ensure valid visit requests are submitted.  For all Federal Civilian Employees, Contractors, Civilians and military personnel, the standard method for submitting Visit Requests to the MARCENT HQ is through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS). MARCENT’s Security Management Office (SMO) code is 484015.


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command